Open positions

I am looking for excellent Master's and PhD students. Contact me with your CV and research agenda/interests.

Current Students

Graduate Alumni

  • Raisul Islam Rashu, MCS-thesis Student. 2018-2019.
    Current: TBA.
  • Oleksii Kononenko, PhD Student co-supervised with Mike Godfrey, University of Waterloo, Canada. 2016–2017.
    Current: Software Engineer, Microsoft, USA.
  • Shruthi Nagaraj, MCS-thesis Student. 2017–2018.
    Current: Senior Software Developer/Analyst, IBM Canada.
  • Tresa Rose, MCS-thesis Student. 2016–2017.
    Current: IM/IT Programmer at Employment and Social Development Canada.
  • Junaid Maqsood, MCS-thesis Student. 2016–2017.
    Current: Founder, OTIF Solutions, Pakistan.
  • Yaxin Cao, MCS-thesis Student at Universite de Montreal. 2014–2015.
    Current: Product Manager at Jusfoun, China.

Undergraduate Alumni

  • Lama Elnaggar, 2019.
  • Emma Sieling, 2019.
  • Aditya Bongale, 2019.
  • Jackson Eyres, 2017.
  • Hsiao-Kang Jao, 2016.